Educational Resources

"Think before you sext" campaign
Safe Social Media
Educational multimedia for the safe use of Social Media
Safe and Healthy Use of Internet
Guide for Teachers and Educators
Isabell and her Cell
Educational program for the healthy use of smartphones
Guide on Sexual Violence on the Internet
Guide for the prevention of gender based sexual digital violence
Amy_16, a story of sextortion
Educational multimedia for the prevention of sextortion and gender based digital violence
Guide on Gender Based Digital Violence
Gender based and sexual violence in adolescence. Support guide for professionals
SmartPRIVIAL, trivial for an intelligent management of the privacy
Cyberbullying intervention protocol for school
EMICI intervention protocol to face cyberbullying at schools
Peter and Twitter
Project for the education for coexistence and digital citizenship
Think before you post!
Safe use of the webcam
Guide on legal aspects of Internet
Privacy Simulator
Social media privacy simulator game
Netiquette yourself
Social Media Netiquette for young people
Solidarity Service Learning for the safe and healthy use of ICT
Campaign to avoid being tagged without permission on Social Networks
Stop Cyberbullying KIT
Toolkit for Cyberbullying prevention
Cyberbullying Pack
Educational multimedia Pack; Didactic resources for Cyberbullying prevention
Cyberbullying Guide
Guide for parents and teachers (Authour: Parry Aftab)
Internet with less risks
Guide for parents (Author: Parry Aftab)
Online game for promoting a safer Net
Promoting safe and responsible use of tags
SecuKid Educational game for cellphones
Fight against malware, grooming and cyberbullying
Reda and Neto
Taking care of personal data
Bit Boys
Children rights protection on Internet
The ten keycodes
Educational multimedia Pack: For a safe use of Internet
Educational multimedia Pack: Enjoy Internet... without getting trapped in the Net
Educational initiative for adolescents: DISCOVER, OPINE, ACT
Surveillance system for ICT risks prevention
Enjoy the Net safely
Didactic resource for kids
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